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HEADLINE NEWS:  Free EPM Webinar covering the latest research on Sarcocystis neurona, the new ELISA test, and the drug trial.  This presentation is by Dr. Siobhan Ellison, a practicing veterinarian and molecular biologist.  It is geared toward vets, but would be interesting to all horse owners.  If you suspect EPM, please watch the free webinar, and pass the link to your vet.  The live webinar was 9/6/11. A fast connection is needed for the video.  The recorded webinar is available by clicking the link below.

“A Novel Strategy for Treatment and Protection against EPM”

Photogragh: © Johny Day 'Armony'
   © Johny Day  Armony
The information presented on this site is taken from the latest veterinary journals, respected magazines, clinical trial reports, and veterinarian recommendations.  The  information is presented for horse owners to work with their veterinarian to diagnose and treat EPM.  The sooner a diagnosis is made and treatment started, the better the prognosis.  This site DOES NOT diagnose, or recommend treatment.  Only your veterinarian can diagnose and prescribe treatments. 

These pages were created in response to the negative experience of purchasing a horse that showed EPM symptoms the first week, and the frustration of spending hundreds of hours looking for the latest information on EPM. This information collection is intended as a resource for the equine community.

Several equine photographers have graciously lent their images to this project.  Please respect that all text and photos are copyrighted. 

January 2012


Photograph Rainy Fudge
© EPMhorse.org 'Rainy Fudge'

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