My Horse

My horse is a very cute bay Quarter Horse gelding. He was well-bred in Ohio, and sold as a yearling. I know this from contacting the breeder on his papers. What happened to him over the next seven years is a mystery. His papers were never transferred to another owner. He was purchased for his very quiet demeanor.

We were looking for a horse for my daughter to ride in hunter paces, and to be a husband-safe horse. He was to be a quiet trail riding companion to the green Mustang that we are training. I saw him on a DreamHorse ad from brokers located near Bart, PA - Paula Derby and Jim Whiteside of LazyDAcres. We looked at him twice in December, and trailered him home January 2, 2009.

There are many details of this sale that I would like to share, but I am trying to keep this page on a positive basis. The short version is that the first night he showed odd movements of the lips while eating, and dropped a lot of food.  We called Lazy D and got no response.  By the end of the week he seemed weak behind.  We called lazy D again, and still got no response.  In three weeks time we had a horse with a major neurological disease that wasn't safe to ride.  The vet gave a neurological exam and pulled blood January 23rd. We explained to Paula Derby that researchers believe it takes several weeks to two years for an active case of EPM to show physical symptoms, certainly not one hour, and that the cranial symptoms we had seen were acute EPM.  Lazy D Acres would not allow us to return the horse, so he is here to stay.  LazyDAcres now operates out of Ocala, FL - buyer beware.

We only have stalls and pasture for three horses, so purchasing another horse was not an option. One of our horses is retired and blind, the other one is green. We needed a healthy, quiet horse so that my daughter or husband could ride with me. He should not have been ridden, sold or trailered at that point, and I do not believe in taking horses to New Holland Auction to dump them.  We have been rehabing him, and riding will have to wait for better times. 

December 2011