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Your Local Library

Local libraries often are able to obtain books from other libraries in a county or state. Many of the full-text articles researched for this site were only available on the Elsevier Direct Science web site. Access to this subscription service may be available in some university libraries. In Pennsylvania, residents have free access to this service at Penn State Libraries.

Yahoo EPM Group

The group has experience with a wide range of EPM horses, symptoms, resources, and ideas. It is very helpful to have live answers for your questions about EPM. You must have a free Yahoo account and be a member of the group to see posts.

AAEP Proceedings, Vol 54, 2008

This is a full text, detailed lecture of neurological diseases, by Stephen M Reed, DVM. It has an illustrated life cycle of S. neurona, and several good pictures of EPM symptomatic horses. It is a must-read for the EPM owner.

Merck Veterinary Manual

This contains information on many diseases, including EPM.


This National Institute of Health site has access to many journal abstracts.

Veterinary Anatomical Illustrations

University of Wisconsin Digital Collection, search for equine.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

A medical dictionary is included at this site.

Meadowsweet Acres Herbs

For those interested in herbs for horses, this site provides several articles.


A thesis paper is available for probiotics in horses.

USGS Soil Selenium by County

National Geochemical Survey gives soil information. This is a starting point for questions on selenium deficiency.

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