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Time Off For Fudge

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

We call Fudge several different names: Fudgie, Cutie, and Fudgecicle if it’s below freezing. He says, “Call me any name, just not late for dinner!” Welcome to his blog during rehabilitation after EPM. Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis just doesn’t roll of the tongue well, so most people call it EPM.

How did we get in such a mess? Here’s a quick review. We purchased Fudge and brought him home on January 2nd. The first night we saw some strange things going on with his mouth when he was eating, but knew that he recently had a loose wolf tooth pulled. Fudge also had diarrhea on the trailer ride home. It didn’t clear up. A ride on the sixth day showed a weak hind end.

The weather in PA was nasty for two weeks with freezing rain and sleet so it was hard to analyze his gaits. His rear feet started slipping, going downhill only, and worse on the right. January 23rd the vet gave a neurologic exam and pulled blood for a test. Fudge got worse in the weeks that it took to get a positive blood result and start treatment.

Frosted Fudgecicle

Frosted Fudgecicle

After looking at the latest information on the available drugs, I chose Marquis for the first month, at the ghastly cost of $775. Some unnamed drug company stock just went up. He gets the meds daily as a paste before dinner.

OK, I’ve been caught by the anal retentive squad. Fudge has not actually started rehab. We have not even killed off all of the nasty protozoans. That will probably take at least two months of meds. Right now Fudge has some much needed time off to just hang out and be a horse. No riding, no work, no worries.