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By The Numbers

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

55% Horses in the NE that have been exposed to the EPM protozoa

1-2% Of horses exposed to EPM will get an active infection

60% Horses that respond to drug therapy

10% Uncertain percentage of horses that fully recover

20% Horses that relapse within three years of treatment

Because there is no mandatory reporting for this disease, the figures are an educated guess by researchers.  I have seen statistics that indicate only 5% of the horses will fully recover.  What the statistics don’t say?  The 40% that don’t respond to drug therapy progressively get worse until they die or are euthanized.

The statistics are a compilation of percentages that have appeared in various articles, Equus Magazine, and ‘EPM: Managing Relapses’, Compendium Equine, Jan/FEb 2008.