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Is This a Relapse?

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

We were not able to obtain much information about Fudge from Paula Derby, the seller. We do not know if this is a first EPM infection, or a relapse. The lack of a health history has mandated that we treat this as a relapse. A relapse is generally treated more aggresively to try to kill all protozoa in the central nervous system.

For his second month of treatment, the vet perscribed Diclazuril at 5X the FDA dose, after we all read the article “EPM: Managing Relapses”, by Robert MacKay, Compendium Equine, Jan/Feb 2008. The price of this compounded drug was $200/month for 5X the dose, compared to $775/month for the regular dose of Marquis. Fudge is still on a probiotic/vitamin/mineral supplement, and an additional 10,000 IU of vitamin E per day.

We are seeing a more rapid improvement after two weeks on this treatment. However, we know that there is no way to scientifically separate what might have happened after the first month of Marquis at the normal dose. Fudge is more stable on his feet, and doesn’t seem like he will fall when a rear hoof is lifted. His turns are still rough and slow. His general attitude is brighter, and he has more energy.