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Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Fudge had deep trauma to his neck and chest at the previous owners, compliments of a miniature donkey jack.  When we brought Fudge home, he had some scar tissue in this area, and a little unevenness in the skin.  The bumps have slowly grown to the size of an egg.  There are several possibilities that could cause these bumps.  The vet did look at them when she was here to do vaccinations, but didn’t know what had caused them.  They have grown since then, which makes them troubling.

Bumps on chest have slowly grown

Bumps on chest have slowly grown

Hematomas are blood-filled pockets that are common with kicks to the chest.  They generally appear soon after the trauma, and are slowly absorbed by the body.  These are benign bumps that are caused by trauma to the skin and muscle.

Sarcoids are thought to be caused by the bovine papilloma virus, and have been linked to a weak immune system.   They come in six different types.  Most people are familiar with the type that looks a little like a cauliflower.  They can also be nodules under the skin.  They generally occur in areas where the skin has been broken or traumatized.  Fudge is loosing hair over the bumps.  Additional small bumps can now be felt in this area.

Sarcoids are not so nice.  There is no cure for them, and they tend to multiply.  While they are not cancer, they can definitely affect the health and performance of the horse.  Trying to surgically remove them is not always successful, and many times can make them grow more aggressively.  Even trying to biopsy the sarcoid can make it grow.  Wiki has a informative page for sarcoids.  The vet will be back out next week.