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The Unwanted Horse

Friday, June 12th, 2009

No, I’m not talking about Fudge.

I am talking about the tens of thousands of horses in the United States that are classified as unwanted.  This week I attended a lecture on the topic.  It was hosted by a PA State Senator, an officer of the Pennsylvania Equine Council, and the head of a local horse rescue.

Library of Congress, St. Petersburg, FL  1947

Library of Congress, St. Petersburg, FL 1947

The panel discussion gave the opportunity to voice differing opinions on the growing problem.  I listened to the sheer number of horses, the fiscal repercussions, and realities on both sides of the slaughter debate.  One thing became clear.  Many more horse owners must become involved in this debate, regardless of how they view slaughter.  The problem is too big for you to not be affected emotionally, fiscally, and responsibly. 

Being the owner of a fully retired, blind horse; a Mustang; a sick unride-able horse, and having fostered OTTB’s, perhaps you could say that I’m just a sucker for the unwanted horse.  Please visit these two web sites to learn more:

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