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Dancing the Two-Step

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Two steps forward, and one step back that is.

© Rich Chang 'Two-Steppin'

© Rich Chang 'Two-Steppin'

The IFAT blood results came back for Fudge, showing NEGATIVE to both S. neurona and N. hughesii.  Not just low counts, but NO counts.  That is very good news for Fudge, as he is not cycling into relapse.  It also means that the compounded diclazuril did it’s job, and the blood sample was clear of anti-bodies to the protozoa.

The results from the selenium test came in at normal, 0.22 on a range from 0.08 to 0.50.  He is not low in selenium, and that is not a cause of his neuro symptoms.

It does raise the question if something other than heat-related stress is at work giving him worse neurological symptoms.  Fudge has not been worked, trailered, wormed, vaccinated, or had a change in food in the past three weeks.  Three members of my family saw the changes, and the vet saw them.  He is not sweating excessively, and it has not been blazing hot here.  I believe we can rule out a number of the other possible neurological deficit causing diseases, based on history.  Could he have fallen in the pasture?  Possible.  I believe we are going to watch and wait before jumping into X-rays.  In the mean time, we’ll work with some TTouch exercises and desensitizing.

With EPM, it is often two steps forward, and one step back.  You never quit looking over your partner’s shoulder; never know what will cause another setback.