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Sunday, January 31st, 2010

I’m about as late with this post as I usually am with the Christmas cards each year.

The quick update is that Fudge is slowly getting better, but is not ready for prime time yet.  When ridden on dry level ground, he doesn’t have any mis-steps.  Taken out in a slick mud farm field, his rear end is all over the place.  He has learned to compensate for the loss of feeling and proprioception in his rear feet – to some degree.  When you add in terrain that is tougher than usual, he can’t compensate for it.  We are riding him for short walks to try to build up his muscles.

I just trimmed Fudge today, and his feet are looking better.  The shape is getting round, the sole is becoming concave, and the thrush is better. 

We have added another type of slow feeder to the paddock, and the three horses really seem to like these.  I’ll get pictures up soon.