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Big Shot

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Many years ago, I saw Billy Joel in concert and he had this great song…

This came out in 1979.  Am I really that old?

This came out in 1979. Am I really that old?

What I’m really discussing is vaccines for the recovering EPM horse.  We had to vaccinate Fudge shortly after his diagnosis of EPM in April of 2009.  I had to search far and wide for single disease vaccines, and space the injections out over time.

This year we gave the normal combination shots, but spaced them out over weeks.  He did not have any visible reaction to the shots.  I will probably continue this for a few years, if not indefinitely.

One theory I’ve heard is that vaccines made from equine dermal cells may be the culprit of reactions by EPM horses.  There is no proof of this, and no studies have been carried out.  The previous EPM vaccine, which is no longer available, had a history of reactions to it.  The vaccine was produced using equine dermal cells, and was made by Fort Dodge.

Discuss the spacing of vaccines with your vet.  My vet said every four days, and I gave them at one week intervals because it was easier to schedule.  One EPM researcher suggests one vaccine per month, and only single dose vaccines.  They also suggested giving only the most critical vaccines.  Prophylactic administration of Banamine should help.