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Keepin’ Busy

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

The pallet box slow feeder we built last fall works great, but the geldings chase the mare off the hay.  I needed another slow feeder, without making another project for hubby.  It had to be mobile, cheap, quick to load, and preferably not have to be hooked to the fence.

Grub bucket

Grub bucket

This slow feeder uses a 70 Qt muck bucket, a 38″ diameter small mesh hay net, and one double ended dog snap.  It can be hooked to the fence with another snap or short trailer tie.  It loads in less than one minute.  I leave these loose in the dry lot, and the horses play with them.

Tie two loops in the net cord.  It should fit over the lip of the bucket with the loops, but not after being closed with the snap.  Tie the loops about 1/3 of the way around the cord.  Adjust the location of the loops, not the length.

Do not use this for shod horses.  The shoes can get caught in the net.


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