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Walk This Way!

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Fudge is getting tired of the Aerosmith tune “Walk this Way.”

I took two ‘ponying’ lessons in the indoor, then switched to ponying in my pastures for two weeks, then out on a quiet road, and finally out through the fields and woods.  The Mustang is convinced that there are cougars behind each tree.  I shared the news with her, that the US Gov’ has declared cougars extinct East of the Mississippi.  She’s not buying it.  So I ride Fudge and pony the Mustang through new areas.  Then I ride the Mustang and pony Fudge, and we go around twice, or make a figure 8.  The point is, we Walk This Way for longer periods each week.  Fudge throws in a trot-buck-canter every now and then, just to keep things lively.

Fudge has a long way to go in building up the rump and back muscle that he lost to EPM.  He is making progress despite me taking time off to go out of town; and getting caught up in First Robotics, owl banding, HS musical, Envirothon, and work.  Rehabbing a EPM’r takes time and commitment.  Push it too fast, and you could stress the horse which taxes their immune system.  If the immune system is not in top shape, you risk a relapse.