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Hoof Drag on Stall Floor

Hoof Drag on Stall Floor

Is this an abstract art painting sold by my brother-in-law Mike? Nope. It’s an overhead photo of the floor of Fudge’s stall. You can see the circular pattern in the shavings where he drags his right hind hoof. A classic symptom of EPM is asymetrical ataxia (uncoordinated movements) in the rear limbs.

Fudge also drags his rear feet when backing up. He simply doesn’t know where his rear feet are in relation to his body (proprioception). This loss of sensation is caused by nerve damage to his central nervous system, by the protozoa infection and the accompanying inflammation. The hope is that the inflammation damage is temporary, and that he will build new nerve pathways around the damaged areas.

The frustrating part of EPM, is that even after months of treatment, supplements, and therapy, you really don’t know if the horse will be ride-able again. He may be ride-able, but not for the purpose for which he was purchased.

Fudge gets 15 hours of turn out with his quiet friends during the day. This allows him to self-excercise at his ability level. We have started hand walking him to test for simple movements such as turning, backing and stopping. Tight turns are definately still a problem.

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