For most horses, one veterinarian visit per year with a whammy of six vaccines is par for the spring weather.  For an EPM horse with a weak immune system, this could bring on a relapse of active EPM.  Veterinarians generally space single disease vaccines out over a long time, and watch carefully for reactions.  With a lack of history on Fudge, the decisions on vaccines have been problematic.

Why such a long face?

Why such a long face?

We do know that Paula Derby did not vaccinate Fudge while she owned him.  We do not know when he last had vaccines.   That means he needs every vaccine ASAP.  The preferred route for EPM’ers is to wait on vaccines until well after treatment. 

The veterinarian prioritized them in this order:  Rabies, Tetanus, PHF, West Nile, Rhino/Flu, EEE/WEE.  She suggested that we space them out one each week, and watch for reactions or a worsening of neurological symptoms.  The problem has been trying to find individual vaccines, particularly the PHF.  The veterinarian does not normally carry vaccines this way, and would have to order them by the 10 dose vial.  The EEE/WEE is not available through any supplier without Tetanus, so Fudge will probably have to get re-vaccinated with Tetanus in six weeks.  For EPM horse owners, learning how to give vaccines will save weekly visits by the vet.

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