MicroLactin and Vaccines

Yesterday Fudge had the last of the vaccines in the refrigerator, for West Nile Virus.  It has caused a clear runny nose, slightly worse impairment of the hind legs, and general malaise.  A worsening of symptoms is typical for EPM horses, but you never know which vaccine may cause problems.

I have Fudge on the supplement MicroLactin (Duralactin) for help in reduing the inflammation in his central nervous system caused by EPM.   It helps to control neutrophils, a type of white blood cell that is the first defender to arrive at the scene of infection or trauma to the skin.  Neutrophils are closely tied to the process of inflammation, so limiting them limits inflammation.

MicroLactin has been studied in humans for reduction of inflammation, and has one horse trial by Dr. Bello, involving 58 horses.  Links to the study abstracts are below.  This over-the-counter supplement is worth a try for EPM horses – especially during vaccine season.

The Use of MicroLactin for Inflammatory Conditions in Equine Veterinary Practice“, Bello, Thomas.

Effects of a Milk-Based Bioactive Micronutrient…“, Colker, Carlon.

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