Going for a Ride

I have only ridden Fudge once since his diagnosis in January.  I was on him for five minutes in early April to test for deficits after two months of treatment.  At a slow walk he just seemed out-of-shape.  Slow trotting a wide turn, his rear end fell out and he stumbled badly.  Since then we have only hand walked him, and given plenty of turnout.

We are trying to engage his mind without stressing his body, through gentle ground training and desensitizing.  We have found that Fudge has had little exposure to bicycles, objects like tarps, or loud noises.  He seems more balanced at this point, so we loaded Fudge and the Mustang on the trailer for a very slow, 5-minute drive to the local park.  We were able to work  on stream crossing, standing for a sponge bath, and wooden bridge crossing.

It became very obvious stepping down from the bridge that Fudge does not know where his rear right hoof is, in relation to his body.  He hung half off the bridge, searching for the ground with that leg.  It may only have been a second in length, but it was enough to tell us that Fudge is not yet safe to ride.

On the way home we heard him take a misstep into the side of the in the trailer when we made a slow turn after a stop.  Fudge’s rehab is going to be much like the trip home…very slow, listening to the horse, a few mis-steps, and a lot time caring for, but not riding the horse.

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