A Bump in the Road

While the vet was out last week, I asked her to take a very close look at the bumps on Fudge’s chest that we blogged about in May.  They were scars at the time of purchase, and have grown since then.  After five months hematomas should have been reabsorbed.  They didn’t look or feel like any sarcoids the vet had seen. 

This time around Fudge stood very patiently as the vet probed, squeezed, and palpated his chest.  He trusts us now not to hurt him down there, and the pain from the injuries must have subsided.  She carefully examined and compared all the bumps/scar tissue/injuries along his neck and chest.  These appear to be the result of deep cuts through the skin and a layer of muscle.  The edge of the lacerated muscle has curled up, forming an egg sized lump under the skin, and a shallow pit where the muscle is missing.  This is a much better diagnosis than sarcoids.  Hopefully the muscle will stabilize during his time off for rehabilitation, and not tear further.

You’d think that if the horse had flaps of skin and muscle hanging from him, that the owner would have noticed, and then gotten him some veterinary attention to suture the wounds.  Yes, you’d think.

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