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My daughter is instructed by Peggy Brown, riding Zeus.

My daughter is instructed by Peggy Brown, riding Zeus.

This past weekend I attended another Centered Riding clinic, this time instructed by Peggy Brown.  It had taken a few months for the information from Susan Harris’ clinic to be internalized, and I was ready for more.  I made a lot more progress this time, because I was aware of some of the fundamentals.  For those of you that are middle aged, and struggling with knee or ankle pain in the saddle, Centered Riding can help.

I took my daughter this time, and started her on the journey of a better understanding in how to move with the horse.

So how does this effect Fudge?  When he is rideable again, I will need to be as balanced in the saddle as possible, to help him compensate for the weight of the rider.  I will also need to be aware of both my changes in position and his lack of coordination in turns and transitions while under saddle.       Thanks Peggy!

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