Shoulder Muscle Atrophy

Fudge has had a funny line on his shoulder for a few weeks.  It recently got much more noticeable.  On closer inspection, the top of his shoulder has very thin muscles, and no fat.  Below the line, it has thicker muscles and a shallow layer of fat.  The lower portion is 1/4″ thicker than above the line.  I’m not sure if it is continuing atrophy above, or regeneration of muscle below.  Comparing pictures from one or two months ago doesn’t help to sort it out, but does confirm that this is new.

Pattern of muscles on shoulder

Pattern of muscles on shoulder

Line shown in red.

Line shown in red.

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One Response to “Shoulder Muscle Atrophy”

  1. Patricia A. Guthrie Says:

    I was googling all the articles on EPM I could find. Have been doing that since Smokey was diagnosed with the disease. When I came across yours, my eyes practically shot out of my head.

    Smokey (Huntin a New Flam) is by Huntin for chocolate by Zips Chocolate Chip (Blazin Hot on dam’s side). He was bred in Texas
    and from what the trainer said, bought at an auction in Ohio. Two things our horses have in common.
    The papers, unfortunately, go straight from the breeders (cHARLES AND Jeannie Pritcher) to me.
    All the interim owners don’t appear on the papers.; I know he had another owner. His trainer who sold the horse to me told me he did.

    Smokey has gone through the Two month Marquis treatment and now he’s rehabbing. I notice when he overdoes it the symptoms re-appear. After a day of stall rest, he’s better again. The other day, Smokey took on a school bus with both hind legs. I was ecstatic. But yesterday he was shuffleing his back feet again. Today, he still shuffled, but not so bad. I allowed him to do what he wanted and all he wanted was to walk around the indoor arena and explore.

    Tomorrow the vet comes back. We’ll see what she has to sayl

    Pat Guthrie

    Anyway, Smokey’s gone through the