Snow Monsters

The blizzard of 2010 kept us busy clearing the driveway and cars this morning.  We are lucky to still have power after the high winds and heavy snow.  The horses are rarely stalled, but we put them in last night due to the possibility of branches coming down.  They were very happy to get out. 

Fudge (star) plays with Drifter (star and stripe) in the 28″ of snow.  Fudge has come a long way in his recuperation.  He is still not ride-able at more than a walk or trot.  We will continue to work on this rehab with ground exercises, and walking the trails.  It’s a very long way to the hunter pace this May.  I don’t know if Fudge will ever come back far enough to ride at a canter.  Time will tell.

The Mustang mare is obviously bored with the play of the geldings.  She is eating from one of the slow feeders.  It’s made from a small mesh hay net over a muck bucket.  It closes with a double ended dog snap.  These slow feeders are easy to fill and drag over the snow.


It has been one year since we purchased Fudge from Paula Derby of Lazy D Acres.  She has relocated to Ocala , FL.  She still obtains horses from the infamous New Holland Auction in Lancaster, PA. 

One of the things that stresses horses is trailering.  Long distance trailering suppresses the immune system.  When researchers want to infect horses with EPM, they use the trailering stress model.  Somehow, I can’t see the auction process, followed by long distance trailering as beneficial to the health of a horse.

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5 Responses to “Snow Monsters”

  1. tonya Says:

    i have been looking for information on long lasting effects of epm. i was told that my horse had it, and i’m not sure if he really did, or if he has other problems. he had a really tough life as far as i can tell before i got him. as he was about 400 pounds underweight when i got him. there just doesn’t seem to be any information about long term lasting effects of the disease. so i was looking for other people that had horses effected with it. btw.. ranger has gained more than enough weight, and i have ridden him on a few occasions, but we are working on ground work now, as he has no ground manners since gaining weight and getting healthy. i hope and pray that your horse is doing well. and i will be book marking your site hoping for updates.

  2. Says:

    Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully you found your way to the rest of the pages at Each horse is affected by EPM in a different way and to a different extent. Its hard for veterinarians to predict how many deficits each horse will be left with. Fudge has had one year off, and he needed every month of it to overcome the poor conditions that he had before I purchased him. Pay attention to your horse’s nutrition and stress levels. Fudge is still on 5000 IU’s of vitamin E each day, and a vitamin/mineral supplement.

  3. carin peel Says:

    hi i am following fudges recovery but in doing so it only makes me know that my horse cole has epm and a long way to go he just finished first week of marqi should i be giving him any thing else

  4. Says:

    please go to the pages linked on the right side of the blog. The Treatment and Other Therapies pages have information for you and Cole. The short answer is, ‘Yes,’ you should be giving other things with the Marquis.

  5. carin peel Says:

    hi its carin i live in canada by the way cole was purchased in kentucky to be a nice trail horse i never ressally noticed his symptons untill i got him home and spent more time with him he is extremely quiet almost too easy going he carrys good body weight but he drags his hind toes does not to be ridden at anything but a walk he will just quit he will run with the other horses once and a while but seems to be dicombobled in the hind legs when he stops does not like to pick up his hind feet is constantly resting one hind foot or the other the other day i crossed his hind legs and he left them crossed he has a good apatite no problem eating swllowing etc i have about 4 thousand into him noe and that does not include 800 for marqui i hpe i can do this as far as money goes i would never sell him but to put him down may be a option if i cant get him rideable board in canada is very high and i have 2 other horses carn