How Low Can You Go?

In the same vein as “You don’t know what you’ve got ’til its gone,” you don’t know how UNHEALTHY your horse is until you’ve seen him get better.  It took six months for me to realize how sick the horse had been when we bought him.  It has now been one year since he completed treatment for EPM, and I think we might be about topped out. 

The natural trimmer, Dawn Willoughby commented on him when she was out in February.  The vet and the dentist commented on him when they were out earlier in March.  WOW! This horse looks great.  His coat is exceptionally glossy without oil or silicone.  His eyes are bright.  He trots out with a twinkle in his eye (and mischief in his head).

FUDGE is feeling better!

It has taken one full year for this horse to turn around.  Good nutrition, no stall time, low stress, and trimming his feet.  I am not as worried about a relapse now.

If you are dealing with EPM, you need to realize how low your horse’s immune system is.  Your horse is broken.  Take the time to fix him before you plan your next outing/show/hunt.  It will take longer than you believe.  It will take longer than your vet is willing to tell you.  It takes more than one month of FDA drugs, nutrition, trimming, and money.  It takes time.

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2 Responses to “How Low Can You Go?”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    I am awaiting diagnosis of possible EPM on my 6 year old mare. In the meantime, I have ordered various supplements, including lots of Vitamin E, to get her immune system going and start on cell rebuilding. Can’t hurt. With all the mixed results of treatments, chances for relapse and reinfection, and permanent damage caused by the nasty little creatures, I am really “on the fence” about spending this huge amount of money to treat with unknown results. So many people have spent a small fortune, only to have to put their horses down at a later date. While others have used supplements and had their horses remain stable, if not improve, on their own. I cannot seem to settle on anything. The vets will encourage the drugs, but cannot give a prognosis, other than “I think she’ll be fine.” But, that’s what 99% of the horse owners have been told, because there is no guarantee with this.

  2. Says:

    Only 1 in 100 horses that are exposed to EPM end up getting active disease in the CNS. They get the active disease becasue their immune systems are not able to fight the infection. While it is technically posible for the horse to recover on its own, it would be very rare for this to happen. The horse is very sick, and does not have the immune system capabilities to cure the infection on its own. There are cheaper FDA approved drugs than Marquis.