Walk This Way!

Fudge is getting tired of the Aerosmith tune “Walk this Way.”

I took two ‘ponying’ lessons in the indoor, then switched to ponying in my pastures for two weeks, then out on a quiet road, and finally out through the fields and woods.  The Mustang is convinced that there are cougars behind each tree.  I shared the news with her, that the US Gov’ has declared cougars extinct East of the Mississippi.  She’s not buying it.  So I ride Fudge and pony the Mustang through new areas.  Then I ride the Mustang and pony Fudge, and we go around twice, or make a figure 8.  The point is, we Walk This Way for longer periods each week.  Fudge throws in a trot-buck-canter every now and then, just to keep things lively.

Fudge has a long way to go in building up the rump and back muscle that he lost to EPM.  He is making progress despite me taking time off to go out of town; and getting caught up in First Robotics, owl banding, HS musical, Envirothon, and work.  Rehabbing a EPM’r takes time and commitment.  Push it too fast, and you could stress the horse which taxes their immune system.  If the immune system is not in top shape, you risk a relapse.

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3 Responses to “Walk This Way!”

  1. Ceffyl Says:


    I have an 18 year old Arabian mare who was first diagnosed with EPM in June 2009 (for her tale see http://ceffyl.net/wordpress/tag/epm/). Yesterday morning something happened that triggered an EPM -like symptom: she lost her ability to focus her eyes and she was very nervous. Her EPM symptoms included loss of hearing and vision plus pretty severe loss of muscle coordination.

    Has Fudge ever relapsed and if so what happened that made you consider that maybe it was another EPM episode? I’ve called my vet to ask her about options for Isis. We used Marquis for her treatment. She responded very well and seemed to make a full recovery.



  2. Louise Says:

    Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your blog. My friend and I are treating a total of 10 horses right now for this disease and we are about crazy with all the conflicting data out there. We found Dr. Ellison from Pathogenes who also happens to live very nearby. I just got done treating 3 with Baycox and have one who did not respond and is now on the sulfa compound. Your blog is helping those of us battling this hideous disease. I don’t think a lot of vets are admitting there is a epidemic and we are so thankful to have stumbled upon Pathogenes.

  3. Lori Says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. Yours was the first story from diagnosis forward that I found after my horse was diagnosed.
    I team rope and my favorite head horse was diagnosed with EPM last summer. I’m sure he has had it for longer as I look back at some problems I had had roping on him for the past year. We have a really good “country” vet that owns and races thoroughbreds. He got Bux on the sulfa compound right away and then we did a round of Diclazuril, then several IV DMSO treatments, few steroid treatments, more sulfa and lots of TLC and exercise. The trip to the vet is 2 hours one-way, so we spent lots of time on the road together.
    I have brought him back very slowly and will haul him to his first roping in 2.5 years this weekend. I have pushed him the last two weeks and he is doing well and seems to really enjoy being back at work. He may relapse tomorrow or next week or next year, but I am very thankful to our vet and the Powers That Be to have him almost back to his “old-self”. He is not only good at his job, he is a great “kid” horse and I sure missed having him around for visitors.
    I sincerely hope Fudge continues to improve. I am so impressed with people that make this journey as it is both expensive, time-consuming and at times, heart breaking.
    Good luck to all of you with your friends.