Fudge Goes Bitless!

I tried out the Bitless Bridle on Fudge in the ring last week. He was a little perplexed at first, but was certainly listening to the leg and seat cues. We rode in the ring for about 15 minutes, then went out in the pasture. Things were going so well that I took him for a short jog up the road. It took slightly longer for Fudge to figure out this new communication tool than the Mustang (smart girl).

I took Fudge for a longer ride yesterday, and ponied the Mustang. Things went very well, and I was impressed with the bitless bridle on Fudge. I wish I had done this earlier…

Fudge is much stronger after being ponied for a few months. I rode him about 2.5 miles, and he was not tired at the end. We will work on bettering the lateral communication with the Bitless Bridle on the trail. We made a lot of progress in just two rides.

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One Response to “Fudge Goes Bitless!”

  1. Achieve1dream Says:

    I’m so happy he did so well! :) I’m glad you found something that works.