Introduction to EPM 

Robert MacKay, BVSc, PhD, DACVIM, a noted expert on EPM, presents some sobering statistics.  Roughly 60% of the horses that get an active infection of EPM respond to drug treatment, with 10% recovering fully.  That leaves 40% of the cases in declining health, usually ending in death.  The better news is that if the disease is diagnosed and treated early, the statistics rise to 80% responding well to treatment, with many recovering fully.  You, the owner, can make the difference in where your horse falls in the statistics, by learning prevention and to identify symptoms of EPM before it strikes.

The information presented on is taken from the latest veterinary journals, respected magazines, clinical trial reports, and veterinarian recommendations.  The up-to-date information is presented for horse owners to work with their veterinarian to diagnose and treat EPM.  The sooner a diagnosis is made and treatment started, the better the prognosis.  This site DOES NOT diagnose, or recommend treatment.  Only your veterinarian can diagnose and prescribe treatments.

The web site was created in response to the negative experience of purchasing a horse that showed EPM symptoms the first week, and the frustration of spending hundreds of hours looking for the latest information on EPM. This information collection is intended as a resource for the equine community.

This blog captures the rehabilitation process of Fudge, and is meant to be an additional source of information and experience for the EPM horse owner.  Information pages, links, resources, and drug descriptions can be found at
February 2009