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Glacier Institute Trip

Monday, December 27th, 2010

I have dreamed of stepping onto a glacier for a long time.  I wanted to see the blue ice, feel the cold, and look down a crevasse before they all melt.  I also had Lyme.

Dreams Do Come True

Dreams Do Come True

I felt well enough to take a chance that I would feel even better in a few weeks.  One of my favorite vacation sites is Glacier National Park.  I signed up for a geology/glaciation class through Glacier Institutethat went to Sperry Glacier, and stayed at the back country Sperry Chalet.  The chalet takes care of the food and bedding, so you don’t have to haul it up the mountain.  Mule trains supply the back country.

The group hiked to Sperry Chalet, spent the night, and hiked to the glacier the next day.  We returned to the chalet for a second night before hiking out.  The total distance one-way was about 10 miles in and a vertical mile up.

The instructor and GI staff get KUDOs for a well planned trip and learning experience.  If you have never visited the Crown of America, or never left a paved trail, they have a learning adventure to fit your dreams.

Taking this trip while still fighting Lyme was either gutsy or stupid.  Either way I crossed one thing off the bucket list.