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A Call for Photos

Monday, April 27th, 2009

I’m a visual person.  Photo images bring better understanding to me.  So I tried to incorporate photos into both the blog and the web site.  Guess what?  There aren’t many non-copyright photos of EPM horses.  I searched Flickr, YouTube, Fotkey, and many more sites.  When the vet says, “It might be EPM,” grabbing the camera for snapshots isn’t the first thing on your mind.

I have found two very talented equine photographers that are graciously lending their photos of healthy horses to this project, to fill a hole in my content.  A  big ‘Thank You’ to photographers  Johny Day and Amanda Manfredi for saying ‘Yes’ to this project.  Their photographs are an inspiration to me.

However, photos and videos of horses sick with EPM would still be more useful to other owners.  By way of the blog comments, please let us know how we can obtain photos or videos of your EPM’er.  If the video is on YouTube, send us the link for our Photo/Video page.   Thank you Jude for this video of Diesel, diagnosed with EPM in March 2009.