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Taking a Stand

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Fudge continues to have a lack of proprioception (knowledge of where his hooves are in relation to his body) in the rear feet.  It is worse on the right rear.  He often stands with a rear hoof cocked at a strange angle, or a leg angled underneath his body.  Standing often with the leg angled has other affects on him.  He is not aware that his stance makes him very unstable.  It is probably placing stress on other muscles to take the load.  It causes odd wear patterns on his rear hooves, which over two months creates an unbalanced hoof.

Left rear is angled under the body

Left rear is angled under the body

Fudge was in the cross ties to be brushed last night.  His right rear leg was cocked out at almost 90°.  While DH went to get the camera, Fudge moved to get a better look at what the other horses were eating.  We then had to wait until he moved out of balance again.  In the photo, notice how his left rear leg is angled under him, with the toe pointed out.  The right rear toe is also slightly angled out.  Fudge is not normally cow hocked, but a stance like this has us watching for interference of the rear feet while moving.

This shiny boy stood very quietly as the camera flashed repeatedly.  He got some well-deserved peppermints.